General Info

Due to the changing situation and regulations in Massachusetts, the below rules and FAQ may be adjusted for safety. For up to date information please visit our Facebook page.

We ask that you follow all the rules that our staff asks of you.

Yes. If the movie is not sold out, tickets are available at the box office.

At the box office, show the purchased ticket on your phone or print the e-ticket (you must download the attachment so it prints the barcode) and show that. Our contracts with Hollywood require a full price ticket. The box office will open 2 hours before movie start time. We highly recommend arriving at the box office at least one early to leave plenty of time to park and get snacks. We don’t reserve a particular space, just a space somewhere on the lot. A ticket can be scanned only one time; it will not work for another vehicle after it’s been scanned once. No refunds for any reason.

$30 per vehicle for double features, $27 for single features. $6 extra charge per passenger over six people. Tickets purchased at the gate are $30 for single features and $33 for double features per car.

Starting April 16, 2021 we will be open Friday – Sunday. We will be open for April School Vacation week and then back to Friday – Sunday until summer. The show starts when it gets dark. For instance, about 7:45PM. In the event we are forced to cancel due to weather conditions a credit for another purchase will be issued. In the event of a cancellation, we will add additional days the following week, but due to Hollywood contracts cannot guarantee the same movie will be shown.

We do not allow alcohol, weapons, grills, coolers, kids’ electric vehicles, or anything our employees think could cause a problem in terms of safety or bothering other customers. Chairs, blankets, radios, and games are allowed only directly in front of your car (between your car and the screen).

Please leave enough time to redeem your tickets at the Box Office, park your vehicle properly, and get food and drinks. Ideally at least 60 minutes before the show. If you arrive within the first hour that we open the gates on the weekend, or anytime on weekdays, you should not have a problem. Some customers arrive as soon as we open so they can get their favorite parking spaces, set up their chairs and blankets, play games, and visit the snack bar.

Everyone reacts to differently to mosquitos. We do spray our grounds regularly, however, we recommend you bring bug spray – it’s better to have than not to have.

Enter through Gate “E” off of River Street and drive to any of the three ticket windows that are open. Redeem your ticket. Speed limit is 5mph. Choose a parking space; you can park facing forward or backward, but must park directly at the screen. Sound is on FM on your radio.

Yes, you can leave anytime. The price is the same regardless of your arrival or departure time.

No, you must arrive in the same car, and you can’t meet at the entrance or switch cars anywhere near the drive-in. You cannot drop someone off at the entrance so they can walk in to meet you, even family members.

Yes, restrooms are available from the time we open through end of the movie.
Yes, we accept credit cards for movie tickets, food, and beverage.
No, you can’t leave and come back for any reason or any amount of time.
Due to social distancing requirements we are currently unable to allow these types of activities.

Yes, leashed dogs are allowed.

Smoking or vaping is ONLY allowed in the Smoking Section. Smoking is not allowed in any other place including your own car. We do not allow drugs of any kind including marijuana.

Put your car in the ACC (accessory) position to avoid draining your battery, see your manual before you go to the drive-in. If your car battery dies, go to the Snack Bar and we’ll provide help after the movie. Please do not expect an immediate jump start.

We do not allow AAA or any other company on the property until after the movie end. Please contact our staff with any problems.
Movie sound will be on your car radio or any radio. Movie sound is not on the internet. We have a limited amount of radios to rent for $5, you’ll need to leave your license until you return the radio.
Email us through the Contact page. Include when, where, and exactly what you lost. We only hold items for one week. They can be picked up between 2-5PM only.

We recommend that you keep a first aid kit in your vehicle. For band-aids, please go to the Snack Bar. For emergencies, see any member of our staff so we can help or call for help.

$27 is the charge if you enter on a motorcycle.
$27 if it takes up one space, $54 if it takes up two spaces, $81 if it takes up three spaces, etc. Extra $6 per person over 6 people.
No. Anyone who brings fireworks, drone or a laser pointer or anything dangerous or disruptive will be ejected without refund.
No. You are responsible to watch your children at all times.
Rules may change or be added. Even if the website hasn’t yet been updated, the rules communicated by our employees must be followed. Refusal to follow rules or directions will result in you being asked to leave. If necessary, we’ll ask the authorities to remove you from the drive-in, without refund.
We’re only responsible for what WE put on this website and our own social media. We’re not responsible for anything that anyone else puts on the internet regarding Marshfield Drive-In. We try hard to constantly update our site with the correct information, however, it’s not always possible to be 100% totally accurate.

We don’t issue refunds at the drive-in for any reason. We don’t guarantee that you will have the perfect space/view or that you will like the movies. All movie are rain or shine. Tickets are not transferrable to another date or movie. Please verify the date and time you are purchasing before you finalize your transaction.

Food & Drink

The Snack Bar serves: Pizzas, Pepperoni Pizza, Chicken Fingers, French Fries, Nachos, Cheeseburgers, Corn Dogs, Hot Dogs, Pretzels, Fried Dough, Mozzarella Sticks, Fresh Popped Popcorn, Candy, several soft drinks including Pepsi and bottled water. Ice Cream Stand serves Cups, Cones, Sundaes, Floats, and Slush. We do not serve alcohol. (This menu is not complete and is subject to change.)
For safety purposes no outside food is permitted. Failure to comply may result in you being asked to leave, without refund.

Food and drinks are available throughout the show!

No, you can’t bring beer, wine, or any alcohol, or you’ll be ejected without refund.
No. We do not allow open flames of any kind. Candles with one-inch wick and no fuel source are allowed.

Parking Rules

You must follow all employee instructions including directions to move or re-park vehicle. Employee decision is final. Refusal to immediately cooperate will result in ejection without refund.

About the Poles

  • Park between two poles; these are the only designated parking spaces.
  • Park twelve inches or less from one pole.
  • Parking has been marked to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Vehicle Height

  • Park your vehicle in height appropriate designated rows.
  • If your vehicle seats are low to the ground, we recommend parking in the first four rows of designated poles closest to the movie screen.
  • Vehicles close to 6 feet high must park in designated pole section.
  • Vehicles close to 6 ½ feet high must park in designated pole section.
  • Height includes your raised hatch or anything that causes the top of your vehicle to be close to 6 feet or 6 ½ feet off the ground.
  • Hatches must be tied down, at least one inch below roof, immediately upon arrival. Our parking lot attendants provide string and help; please let us know if you need assistance.

Your Space

  • You cannot, for any reason or any length of time, save a space for anyone else. Spaces are strictly first come, first serve, to be fair to everyone.
  • Vehicle must point straight at the screen you purchased your ticket for. You can back into the space.
  • You cannot sit on your vehicle roof.

Be Respectful

  • You cannot run your vehicle engine, turn on your lights, smoke, vape, or in or near your vehicle.
  • Alcohol, of any kind, is strictly prohibited from being brought onto the grounds. Doing such is grounds for immediately removal.
  • You cannot bother your neighbors in any unreasonable way. If management determines that you’re bothering neighbors, you’ll be asked to leave.
  • We don’t allow vehicles to run the engine during movies, even if it gets cold. Please bring extra sweatshirts and blankets. We will sell hot drinks if it gets cold.
  • Even if you arrive very early, we reserve the right to make you switch spaces with another vehicle if a customer view of the screen is blocked. You will be ejected for moving a cone, fence, pole, or barricade. We can’t promise you the perfect parking space.